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          The quality of hookah charcoal depends largely on the quality of the hookah charcoal pressing machine

          Post Time:2020 / 03 / 11 10:18:54    Author:Lantian Machinery

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          Hookah is a relatively popular tobacco product in the Arab countries. Hookah can be seen in the shadows of many ancient civilizations. People can also see hookah smoking in the streets and alleys of this country. At the beginning of the 21st century, hookah gradually spread to Europe and the United States, and young people can be seen smoking hookah in some restaurants, bars, family banquets and other places in western countries. Many manufacturers choose to use shisha charcoal press machine to produce more high-quality hookah charcoal in order to improve their work efficiency.
          hookah charcoal pressing machine
          The raw materials used in the manufacture of hookah charcoal are coconut shells, palm shells, fruit trees, etc. that have been subjected to a series of processes such as carbonization, mixed with fruits or honey, and pressed using a hookah charcoal pressing machine. The produced hookah charcoal is strong and flammable, with a slight fragrance. Many young girls now think that smoking hookah is a fashion, which is recognized by many customers who come to visit the factory.
          hookah charcoal pressing machine
          hookah charcoal pressing machine
          Our shisha charcoal press machine can press all kinds of granular and powdery carbon powder raw materials into long bars, rounds, etc. The speed of the working plate, the filling depth of the material and the forming thickness can be adjusted during forming. The mechanical buffer device on the machine can avoid the damage of the machine parts caused by the overload. The machine can be equipped with a powder suction box. The dust generated during the operation of the machine can be sucked through the suction nozzle, which greatly reduces the human injury caused by the dust to the staff, and avoids blocking and blocking.
          hookah charcoal pressing machine

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